Craig Stewart L.S.,  M.I.S.(Aust), B.App.Sc.Surv.(RMIT)

Craig is the companies Licensed Land Surveyor.  Prior to establishing A Line Surveying with Bill Patterson, Craig held the position of Senior Project Surveyor with John Chivers & Associates between 1984 and March 1999. During this time, Craig carried out thousands of engineering / feature surveys and title surveys throughout greater Melbourne and country Victoria.  He has also been responsible for surveys prior to and during the redevelopment of container terminals at both East and West Swanson Dock over the last 15 years.


Anthony Clarke

Tony, (as he prefers), is presently employed as CAD Draftsman.  Prior to this Tony was chief CAD Draftsman with J.F.Madigan Surveying (1993-1999) and CAD Draftsman /Field Assistant with John Chivers & Associates (1985-1993).


Robert Arnott B.App.Sc.Surv.(RMIT)

Robert completed his surveying degree at RMIT University in 2000 and has been employed full-time as a graduate surveyor since March 2001.  He is becoming a very competent party leader and is under a training agreement with Craig to ultimately become a licensed surveyor.


Steven Dalton Assoc.Dip.Surv.(RMIT)

Steve joined A Line Surveying in April 2001.  He has been working primarily as a party leader completing both feature surveys and cadastral surveys.  Steve has worked with Craig and Bill previously (having spent six years at John Chivers and Associates), and because of his reliability and integrity was employed without hesitation.


David Hoffman

David has been employed as a part-time book-keeper and has been with us since May 2006.  


Mara Bridge

Mara has been employed as a permanent/part-time secretary/receptionist and has been with us since June 2002.


Andrew Howells

Andrew is currently employed as a field assistant since February 2006.


Brenton Metcalfe B.App.Sc.Surv.(RMIT)

Brenton has completed his studies (Oct.2007) at RMIT University and is employed full time as a graduate surveyor. He started in November 2005. 


John Clemow M.I.S.(Aust) B.App.Sc.Surv.(RMIT)

John completed his surveying degree at RMIT University in 1982 and has been employed 4 days per week as a project surveyor/ party leader since March 2005.


Keith Ierardi

Keith is a survey assistant/party leader/cad draftsman who has been with us since July 2006.


Shirlene Lecluse

Shirlene is our subdivisions officer, employed since February 2007.


Clinton Pringle

Clinton is a survey assistant who has been with us since August 2009.


Lachlan Gunst

Lachlan is a surveying student and works as an assistant 2 days per week (since July 2009)



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